State-of-the-art slaughter line

At the production site, we have a fully automated and state-of-the-art slaughter line, which allows us to have a slaughter capacity of more than 55,000 head per year.

In addition, a modern cutting and packaging line allows us to cut and package approximately 5,000 tonnes of beef per year.

Furthermore, Mięs-Pol has numerous rights allowing us to export our products to the markets of the European Union, third countries and Asian countries, including in particular the Japanese market.

Own vehicle fleet

We have a modern fleet of vehicles suitable for transporting quarters, meat, and foodstuffs at temperatures from -25ºC to +25ºC, which allows us to provide our customers with fast, timely and professional execution of accepted transport orders.

We also provide services in the field of international refrigerated transport of goods to individual European and third world countries.

Thorough product quality control

The quality of our products is constantly supervised by a group of qualified employees from the Quality Department, whose task is to verify even the smallest doubts concerning food safety. Our product range and production environment are constantly tested by independent external laboratories and the safety of technological processes is controlled by the Veterinary Inspection.

We have implemented the IFS and BRC FOOD quality systems in our plant, which are regularly reviewed. The certificates we hold allow us to meet the stringent export requirements associated with the quality of our product range and the operating principles of the slaughter and cutting plant.

Proven suppliers

Our livestock warehouse receives cattle only from verified, trusted, and qualified suppliers and the quality of the deliveries is constantly verified by us. The suppliers come from different regions of Poland and the delivery of cattle is always performed by special means of transport, in accordance with the animal welfare policy.

Care for the environment

When performing our activities, we take particular care of the environment and adhere to our environmental policy. We strive every day to reduce our impact on the environment: to this end, we use renewable energy sources (photovoltaic panels) and make use of the company's own modern sewage treatment plant.