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At the Mięs-Pol plant, our priority is to source great quality meat.

We only work with proven farms and cattle suppliers who care about animal welfare.

We guarantee the highest quality of our meats and we encourage you to check out our full offer.

At the MIĘS-POL plant we deal with:

the slaughtering of bovine livestock

the cutting of beef half-carcasses

purchase of bovine

specialist animal

distribution of beef quarters and cuts

international refrigerated transport

We offer a range of beef

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We have a fully automated, state-of-the-art slaughter line at the production site.

Quality policy

We are fully accountable for our products to our current and future customers.

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Welfare policy

Our mission is to source animals for slaughter in a humanitarian manner.

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We produce in compliance with the highest technological standards

30 years of experience

Our products can be packed into vacuum packagins with a 30-day shelf life. Our offer of livestock purchase is addressed at producers, farmers, and breeders all over Poland. The scope of our activities includes the purchase of cows, bulls, and heifers.

We ensure the collection with our own specialised means for livestock transport.

We purchase livestock all over Poland; our offer is addressed at producers, farmers and companies dealing in cattle trade.

The scope of our purchasing activities includes: cows, bulls, and heifers. Our qualified staff reliably assess slaughter cattle on the basis of the EUROP post-slaughter classification. This includes 6 commercial conformation classes (S, E, U, R, O, P) and five classes of external fatness (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). This classification is based on descriptive criteria for classifying carcasses based on a visual inspection of the half-carcasses at a station located at the end of the slaughter line.

For suppliers of large quantities of cattle, we provide collection with our own specialised means for livestock transport.