What makes Us different?

What makes MIĘS-POL different?

In order to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers, we systematically certify our quality systems, which are fundamental to maintaining food safety and allow us to provide our customers with products that meet their expectations.

We want to continuously develop and be successful together with our business partners.


Our slaughterhouse operates in compliance with all regulations, and we are committed to maintaining the highest quality and labour standards.


Our employees are properly trained and have the competences appropriate to the positions they hold. In addition, they periodically participate in training courses to improve their qualifications.


We care not only about the conditions of the animals that go to slaughter, but also about the working conditions of our employees.


We negotiate cattle purchase prices so that each party is satisfied with the transaction.


We have our own fleet of vehicles suitable for transporting meat.


We ensure that animal slaughter that is carried out in compliance with appropriate principles - everything is done in a humanitarian way.


We use modern equipment for meat production and take care of hygienic conditions on the production floor.


We strive to obtain meat of the highest possible quality.



Our beef comes from farms that we carefully vet. The farmers we work with ensure the sustainable animal growth in a natural environment - customers appreciate our attention to the verification of the sources of meat we supply


We enjoy what we do and try to do it as well as we can. We recognise that the beef that reaches businesses and retail chains, and later goes to the tables of end customers, is a proof of the quality of our business. We want the product to fully satisfy our customers so that they come back to us for the best beef.


We do not leave any room for coincidence. Our employees are well-trained persons who know their job. We are constantly learning, improving our qualifications, adapting to the growing expectations of our customers, and constantly enhancing our production technology.


We have been operating in the market for more than 30 years. We have built our market position through attention to every detail of the production process, appropriate training of employees and proper treatment of animals. We keep up with changes in the industry and customer requirements.


IFS and BRC FOOD quality systems

The Mięs-Pol Jończyk Sp. komandytowa plant has been continuously audited by a third party in the scope of the IFS and BRC FOOD quality systems since 2011. To date, it has been systematically re-certified annually in the scope of the aforementioned quality systems.

Being certified allows us to meet the extremely tough and rigorous export requirements of our customers both in terms of the quality of our product range and the compliant operation of the slaughter and cutting plant. The certificates we hold allow us to export our product range to the EU market and help us meet the stringent requirements of our customers.

Export rights

The plant began its efforts and activities towards meeting the requirements of importing countries in 2010 and obtained its first export rights to third-country markets and the Asian market. In the following years, export rights were extended to other countries, and in 2021, export rights to Japan were granted. At present, the plant has export rights for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hong Kong, Armenia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Ukraine, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Japan.